Most of our applications that you download contain a user guide explaining how to use the software, where to apply a valid reg key code to activate it, etc. This user guide is usually a PDF file that is installed on your Desktop PC’s desktop screen. Please read over this user guide before contacting us with technical questions.

For all support related questions, you can email us at:


General Questions

  • Is there a phone number I can call for technical support?

To keep our software costs down, we only provide support via Email. If you send an email to with a detailed description of the issue, we should respond to you often times within a few hours.

  • I just sent you an email and you haven’t responded… what’s taking so long?

Again, to keep our software costs down we don’t provide 24 hour, 7 days a week support. We do our best to answer your emails quickly, but there may be times when we can’t, and therefore there will be a delay. You should have a response from us within 24 hours. For support issues, you should first read over the user guide for the application in questioned, and also check this support page for possible answers.

  • I tried to make a purchase from your web site, however, I didn’t see a purchase button… what should I do?

Our purchase web pages use what is called a “cookie” on your web browser for the shopping cart function. If you’ve disabled the ability to store cookies with your web browser, this may be causing the problem. We suggest that you check your web browser’s security settings and activate the storing of cookies to be able to make your purchase.

  • What is your software upgrade policy?

Software upgrades for bug fixes and minor enhancements are free. These are considered “incremental” version updates, and are usually denoted by a point release number (e.g., version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc). Most of our software updates fall in this category, and you can simply download the current trial version from our web site. Your current valid reg key code for the software will convert it from a trial version to a full version.

For major revisions updates where we’ve added major changes or have completely re-written the software, upgrades are not free. For the initial release of major revisions, we may offer discounts to previous users for a limited time.

  • Will your software run on my Pocket PC device?

Our software is designed to run on Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS devices.

  • Where can I find the documentation for your software?

Nearly all of the software you download comes with a user guide for installing and using the software. In most cases, the user guide is in the form of a PDF file that is installed on your Desktop PC’s desktop screen.

  • Your user documentation mentions doing a “soft-reset”… how do I do that?

If you don’t know what a “soft-reset” is, then we suggest you read over the user guide for your Pocket PC device. In most cases, doing a soft-reset is initiated by pushing the tip of your stylus into a small reset hole in the back or in the side of the device. A soft-reset is essentially “rebooting” your device to clear out any corrupted memory situations. A soft-reset is also needed when installing or removing Today Screen plugins from active memory.

  • Why can’t I remove your Today Screen plugins using the standard “Remove Programs” utility?

Today Screen plugins are loaded into active memory, and can’t be deleted as you would standard programs. Some of our newer plugins have special uninstaller routines to effectively remove the plugin software using the standard “Remove Programs” utility on your device. Our older plugins will require you to follow a special removal procedure outlined in the “Today Screen Plugin Questions” section below.

  • I purchased your software and have a reg key code… what do I do with it?

To fully activate the software you purchased, you will need to enter the reg key code into the application. For most standard applications, the key code is entered in the “About” screen of the program. For Today Screen plugins, you will need to follow the procedure outlined in the “Today Screen Plugins Questions” section below.

  • I entered the reg key code you sent me but the software is still in “trial mode”… what am I doing wrong?

When entering a 12-digit reg code, make sure you enter all the number correctly, and that you are entering all numbers and no letters (e.g., no lowercase L’s or O’s). Also, make sure you don’t have any blank spaces in front of the 12-digit number when you enter it. Note, that our newer software (e.g., SuperList Pro) utilizes a 16-digit alphanumeric code which does contain letters, so make sure you enter the numbers and letters correctly when entering those codes.

  • Is there a difference between the trial and full version of your software?

There is no difference in the software between the trial and full version. Entering a valid reg key code (obtained after your purchase) will convert the trial version of the software into the full version.

  • What is your software return policy?

We offer trial versions of our software for all of our products, so you should download and thoroughly test our software on your particular device before making your purchase. Since trial versions are available, we do not offer refunds for purchases.

  • What payment methods do you offer for your software?

You can make purchases directly from our web site using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We use PayPal for credit card processing, so your card authorization will being handled on a secured site. Unfortunately, we are not set up to take phone orders, only online web orders. We also accept Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders sent to us via postal mail. Email us at for further details if you would like to make a software purchase using this method.

  • Because you are using the PayPal Payment System, do I need to have a PayPal account to purchase software from your web site?

No, you don’t need a PayPal account to buy software from our site. You can simply use your credit card to make the purchase. The PayPal Payment System allows a customer to use either a credit card or their PayPal account to make purchases.

  • How long will it take after I make my online purchase before I get my software?

After you make your online web purchase and your transaction is verified, our automated system will send you an email containing a valid reg key code to activate your software. This process usually takes only a few minutes after you make your online purchase.

  • I purchased software from your web site, but I never received an email with the activation codes… when will I get it?

Our automated system should have sent you an email containing activation codes for the software shortly after your purchase from our web site. In some rare cases, this email may be delayed because of mail server backups, etc. The usual cause for not receiving the email, is that you have a spam filter activated on your system that is filtering out our sent emails. If that is the case, please check your spam filtered folder for emails from “” or “”.

  • I’ve sent you a few emails, and I never got a response… why is that?

Most likely we did respond to your emails, however, you have a spam filter activated that is stopping them from reaching you. has a spam filter that seems to stop our emails occasionally without the owner knowing about it (these emails don’t appear in their spam folder). In these cases, the best thing to do is create a “disposable” email account with,,, etc. and send us an email with your question. We will respond to that email, and it shouldn’t be blocked by a spam filter (if you don’t activate it).

  • I can’t seem to get your program installed on my device… what could be the problem?

For nearly all of our products, you need to use run the application’s installer program on your Desktop PC to install our application on your Pocket PC device (which is connected to the Desktop PC via ActiveSync). In some cases, your ActiveSync connection may not be working properly and you’ll need to do one or more of the following:
– Reboot your Desktop PC to re-establish a fresh, new ActiveSync connection
– Download the latest version of ActiveSync from and install it on your Desktop PC

  • I tried to run one of your programs on my Pocket PC device, however, I get a “CoCreateInstance()” error message… why is that happening?

Some of our software packages (e.g., SuperCalendar, QuickAgenda, QuickTasks) utilize a builtin system DLL to obtain appointment and task information. This DLL must be loaded into active memory for these software packages to work properly, and in some cases, you may have run out of DLL memory space because of other loaded applications. Note, this memory limitation is not affected by how much system free memory you have available on your system. For example, the 3rd-party application called “Clearview” loads numerous DLLs into active memory which may cause problems when running our previously mentioned applications or other Today Screen plugins in general. This issue is more pronounced on the Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 OS devices than Pocket PC (Mobile) 2003 OS devices since Microsoft doubled the DLL space under the 2003 OS. The only recourse to this problem, is to not load too many Today Screen plugins or be judicial in what other applications you have installed on your device.

  • Will your software run on my Palm OS device?

Our software is designed for the Pocket PC devices (running the Pocket PC 2002, 2003, or Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS), and it will not run on the Palm OS devices.


Today Screen Plugins Questions

  • I want to uninstall a Today Screen plugin from my Pocket PC device, however, I get a “.dll is in use or read-only” error message… what should I do?

For most of our Today Screen plugins, you can simply use the “Remove Programs” utility to uninstall a plugin. For some of our older plugins, you’ll need to do the following special procedure:
– Using ActiveSync’s File Explorer option, rename the DLL file for the Today Screen plugin you wish to remove in the \Windows directory. For example, if you want to remove the PowerLevel Today Screen plugin from your Pocket PC system, you would need to rename \Windows\powerlevel.dll to something like \Windows\powerlevel.old
– Do a soft-reset of your device.
– Again using ActiveSync’s File Explorer, delete the file \Windows\powerlevel.old

  • I received my valid reg code for the Today Screen plugin that I purchased… what do I do with it?

You need to enter the reg code into the plugin’s settings screen to make it permanently active. In general, this is what you need to do:
– Bring up the Today Screen’s Settings panel (Start Menu->Settings->Personal->Today) and highlight the plugin entry in the list
– Tap the “Options” button to bring up the plugin’s Options panel where you can check the version number and insert the Registration Code to activate the Full Version of the plugin

  • How do I upgrade from a previous version of a ScaryBear Software plugin? I keep getting the “.dll is in use or read-only” error message.

If you get this error message, then you will need to follow the instructions given previously to remove the plugin from your system first, then reinstall the upgrade.

  • I think I’ve installed the plugin correctly, however, it doesn’t appear in my Today Screen and I don’t see it listed in the Today Screen Options Panel… what’s going on?

We’ve heard of one particular case where this problem has occurred, and it is the result of another plugin causing the problems. Specifically, the plugin from called “Bible Verses” for the Pocket PC Today screen and Snoopsoft Dashboard. It has been reported to us that this plugin not only deletes the PowerLevel.dll and PowerLevel entry on the Today Screen Settings Panel, but also deletes Launcher (Software Today Pak 1.0). If you have this plugin from loaded, this may be causing the problem.

  • I’ve installed one of your Today Screen plugins, but I can’t bring up the options screen for the plugin to enter the 12-digit code number (to activate it). What can I do?

On some devices, there may be a problem bring up the settings panel for our plugins to enter the 12-digit reg key code number (for permanent activation). The cause is usually another 3rd-party Today Screen plugin or background running application that is conflicting with our plugin software, preventing the options screen from appearing on the display. There are a few things you can try to get around this issue:
– Do a soft-reset of your device to see if that corrects the problem, and allows you to call up the plugin’s setting screen
– Try unchecking all the Today Screen plugins you currently have loaded on your device (to deactivate them) and do a soft-reset to ensure they are removed from active memory. Then, check our Today Screen plugin and see if you can bring up the options screen from the Today Screen options panel

  • Will your Today Screen plugins work on the latest Windows Mobile 6.0 OS device?

Most of our popular Today Screen plugins have been updated for the WM 6.0 OS. Please see their respective download pages for compatible OS versions.


PocketExpense Pro Questions

  • When I run the supplied MS-Excel VB Macro to sync my exported expense data with my spreadsheet, I get the following error: “Runtime Error 5. Invalid Procedure call or element”. Why is it doing this?

When you double-click on the pocketexpense.xla file to run the VB Macro, it will look in the same directory where you put the pocketexpense.xla file for any .xlt (spreadsheet templates) and .map (mapping) files. If it doesn’t find any such files, it will produce the described error message. To resolve this problem, make sure your expense report spreadsheet template files and associated mapping files are in the same directory as the pocketexpense.xla macro file.

  • The MS-Excel VB Macro doesn’t seem to sync my data correctly now that I’ve upgraded to PocketExpense Pro v2.0… what’s going on?

You need to make sure you are using the latest version of the MS-Excel VB Macro which was supplied with PocketExpense Pro. You may also need to modify your .map mapping files slightly to accommodate some new fields. Please read the “PocketExpense docs.html” file for more details.

  • I just upgraded to a new Pocket PC device and PocketExpense Pro is showing me a balance of $10,000 and when I try to create an expense entry I get a “Database Creation Failed” error message.

This situation has occurred for a few people who have upgraded the OS on their Pocket PC device or have replace their device with a new one. The resolution is to delete the existing PocketExpense Pro database. To do so, use File Explorer from the ActiveSync panel on your Desktop PC to delete the file called,
 “\Program Files\ScaryBear Software\PocketExpense Pro\pexpense.vol”
which is contained on your Pocket PC device. This will start you with a fresh, empty PocketExpense database file.

  • The PocketExpense Pro database file (pexpense.vol) that I created on my Pocket PC 2002 OS device won’t work on my Windows Mobile 2003 or 5.0 OS device… why not?

On the newer OS devices, Microsoft changed the binary database format so old databases won’t work. What you can do, is run a conversion program supplied by Microsoft to convert your old database over to a usable format. That utility can be found at this link:


SuperCalendar Questions

  • I installed the latest version of SuperCalendar on my new Windows Mobile 5/6 Device, and I can’t add/edit/delete category labels in the Settings Screen. Why is that the case?

For the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS, Microsoft changed the way category labels are stored and processed on the mobile device. The only category labels that are synced to the device, are those that are associated with synced appointment and task items. So, the WM Device won’t store all category labels that you’ve defined in Microsoft-Outlook (as there is no physical database on your device that contains these category labels). That is why you can’t create, edit, or delete category labels on your device. The only way to generate a category label from your device, is to create a new appointment and specify a new category label associated with it. To define icons associated with category labels, you will need to make sure your synced appointments have category labels assigned in MS-Outlook before syncing. Note: This is not an issue with the older Window Mobile 2003 OS devices.