Ball alignment game for the Pocket PC

An addictive game with simple rules, but hard to put down! The game starts out with 3 randomly colored balls placed in 3 random locations on the main board. The user then takes a turn to move a single ball either horizontally or vertically (given there is a clear path to a chosen spot on the board) to try and align the same colored balls either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When a specified number of balls are aligned, they are removed from the game and points are awarded to the player. For each turn where no balls are aligned, 3 new randomly colored balls will appear on the board.

Balls is available for all Pocket PC platforms (WinCE 3.0):

  • StrongArm Processor
  • SH3 Processor
  • MIPS Processor

Download a trial copy and see how addictive this game really is!