Special Utility for the Pocket PC


The Pocket PC 2003 OS appears to have a bug that can slow down the performance of a Pocket PC device, and can potentially cause ActiveSync delays. It has been identified that after every soft-reset of your device, a few extra “Notification Events” are added to the Notification Event Database on your system (This database holds system notifications such as alarms, timed events, etc.). After several soft-resets, a device can have several hundreds of extra notification events that can reduce the performance of a device.

The offending notifications are labeled “SSTimeChange” and “conmgr.exe”. Since we do a lot of soft-resetting when we develop our software, we discovered one of our 2003 devices to have over 600 notification events (when it typically has less than 50!).

CheckNotifications will remove these notification events, as well as the “IA_Caller_ID.exe” events from the Notification Event Database that seem to be duplicated on the Pocket PC phone-based devices. Only those events associated with the “RunAppAfterRestore” event status will be removed.

CheckNotifications also displays duplicate events on the main screen in a red color. You can remove these duplicate events by activating this feature in the “Settings” screen for the program, and then by tapping the “Clear” button. You can also delete individual events from the system database by doing a tap-n-hold on a displayed event and selecting “Delete” from the popup menu.

WARNING: Do not manually delete notification events unless you are certain you know what you’re deleting. If you delete events indiscriminately, you could lose the ability to use ActiveSync and you will need to do a hard reset to correct the problem!

We provide both utilities for free, for general public use.


This application will display all the notification events in the system’s database and will give you a total count of events. You will have an option to clear out all the “SSTimeChange”, “conmgr.exe”, and “IA_Caller_ID.exe” events from your database and get a new count, or create a log file of all the events. Duplicate events are highlighted on the screen in a red color, and can be removed by activating the “Remove all duplicate events” in the settings panel.

Note: Not required for the Pocket PC 2003 SE OS devices.

Designed for the original Pocket PC 2003 OS. It is not designed for the newer Windows Mobile 5 OS, so use at your own risk.

Version 2.3


Notification Clear Fix

This application will install in your device’s startup folder, and will be executed after every soft-reset of your device. This will ensure that the offending events described previously will not be present in your system’s notification event database. This is the best way to clear out these events automatically. Note, this startup program will only remove these events: “SSTimeChange” and “conmgr.exe”, and “IA_Caller_ID.exe” (with an event type of “AppRunAfterRestore”).

Version 1.0

Note: The ClearNotify utility is designed for the original Pocket PC 2003 OS, and is not required for any other OS version.

Final Comments: These applications were developed for the 2003 OS devices. They have been tested on our HP iPAQ 1945 with no identifiable problems, and on other Mobile 2003 OS devices by different beta testers. Please use these utilities at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of data or other problems that may occur with the use of these products. Although these two products may run on the newer Windows Mobile 5 OS, they are not designed for that OS and could cause issues.