Game Pack 1

Assorted Classic Games for the Pocket Manager

Do you want a diversion from your busy schedule, or to kill some time waiting for your next flight? Then try playing some of these classic games found in ScaryBear Software’s Game Pack 1. The 6 games included in this pack are:

Hanoi – This is the classic “Tower of Hanoi” game, where you try to move all the disks from the left rod to the right rod. The user can define up to 6 disks.

Recall – Try to match up pairs of cards to uncover the entire board.

Tiles – The classic “Tiles” game, where you try
assemble a jumbled picture by moving 15
tiles around. Several different background
images are available, including user-defined

Game Pack 1 is available for the Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager 

Download a trial copy and see how addictive these games really are!