Calendar Today Screen plug-in for the Pocket PC


Did you ever need to check a date on a calendar and found it cumbersome making several taps to bring up the monthly view under the built-in Calendar app? With QuickCalendar installed, you can easily bring up two full calendars with a single tap on your Today Screen!

QuickCalendar is a Today Screen plugin which displays the current week in a small window on the main Today Screen. When you tap on the QuickCalendar window, it enlarges to display two full calendars. If you tap on the right calendar, the view advances a month. If you tap on the left calendar, the view goes back a month. With just a few taps on the screen, you can easily navigate between the different months of the year! When you are finished, you can tap near the top of the QuickCalendar window and it will go back to the Weekly view mode.

Version 2.0


Major Features

  • US and European calendar display format
  • Various Month/Day/Year display formats
  • Accommodates the background “skinning” feature of the Today Screen
  • Compatible with the Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS

System Requirements

This application will install and run on the Microsoft 2002/2003 OS Pocket PCs and the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS devices. Requires a device that uses a stylus and touchscreen for input.

Note: This application will not run on the Palm OS, Nokia OS, or Blackberry OS devices.