SuperList Pro

A multi-level checklist/outliner program for the Pocket PC


SuperList Pro is a multi-level checklist program that allows you to quickly and efficiently create a list of items and sub-items either directly on the application screen or by importing simple list text files. The ability to create branches and sub-branches gives you the flexibility to group similar items in a list. Items can also be moved around by doing a simple drag-n-drop procedure directly on the screen.

In addition, if you’re looking for a general outliner application, SuperList Pro allows you to turn off the display of the checkboxes while still maintaining the hierarchical tree branch structure.

Text colors for the different level of items, branch node icons, display attributes, etc. are all customizable for each individual list you create. With SuperList Pro, you can easily switch between the different lists in your main database, and you can also password-protect certain lists for security purposes (encrypted using strong Blowfish encryption scheme).

SuperList Pro

Version 2.4

Text notes can be created and attached to each list item, and displayed in a small window at the bottom of the screen if desired. Also, SuperList Pro has a Search option which will find a specified substring in the list and automatically scroll the list to display it (a very helpful option if you have a very long list!).

SuperList Pro background images

One of SuperList Pro’s most unique features, is the ability to “skin” or define a custom background image for the application. Standard BMP and JPG image files can be used as background images as shown in the figures below:

Major Features

  • Very easy to use
  • A hierarchical list program with branches for multiple sub-items
  • User-defined colors for text and background
  • Can select a custom background image for each list (in bmp, jpg, or gif format)
  • Can create multiple lists each with user-defined color properties
  • Can have checked items be colored a different color with strike-thru font
  • Can easily move items around on the list by drag-n-drop procedure
  • Can activate alphabetic and/or check sorting of the list
  • Can import items from a text file
  • Can export list items to a text file
  • Automatic backup and recovery of list database file
  • Can password-protect specific lists
  • Text notes can be attached to defined items in a list
  • Hardware buttons can be used to scroll through the list and check/uncheck items, and expand or collapse tree branches
  • Can cut/copy/paste list items
  • A ‘Find’ feature is available for substring searches through the list and notes text
  • Ability to delete checked items from current list
  • Can show completion info for parent items (either as fraction or percentage)
  • Can generate a task from a list item
  • Ability to insert date/time stamp info into a list item’s text or notes text
  • Able to recognize the builtin hardware keyboards for some PPC devices
  • Password-protected lists use Blowfish strong data encryption
  • Edit Bar controls make it easier to edit and move list items
  • Can move or copy entire branches from one list to another
  • Ability to create mulitple database files
  • Can specify the location of the backup file folder
  • Optimized for the VGA screen devices
  • Compatible with the Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Windows Mobile 5 OS

System Requirements

This application will install and run on the Microsoft 2002/2003 OS Pocket PCs and the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS devices. Requires a device that uses a stylus and touchscreen for input.

Note: This application will not run on the Palm OS, Nokia OS, or Blackberry OS devices.