A Word Lookup Program for the Pocket PC


WordLookup is a program which can lookup the spelling of words based on an initial partial input of letters. As you enter more letters in the main search box, the list of words reduces accordingly. Once you’ve found the word you are searching for, you can easily select it from the word list and tap the “Copy” button to save it to the system’s clipboard, where you can paste it into another application (e.g., Notes, PocketWord, PocketExcel, etc.).

WordLookup is supplied with a 24,000 word dictionary, however, you can easily create a custom dictionary file by processing a list of words in a simple text file.

So if you need to have a quick dictionary of uncommon words (e.g., technical or medical terms), WordLookup can be a very useful tool for you!

Note, WordLookup only shows the proper spelling of words and does not display the definition of a word.

Version 1.9


Major Features

  • Easy to use
  • Can create custom dictionaries containing medical words, technical words, etc.
  • Can specify to search a single dictionary file or multiple files
  • Display font size is adjustable by the user
  • Can do wildcard searches for partial word spelling
  • Supports the VGA Hi-Res Screen Devices
  • Compatible with the Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS

System Requirements

This application will install and run on the Microsoft 2002/2003 OS Pocket PCs and the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 OS devices. Requires a device that uses a stylus and touchscreen for input.

Note: This application will not run on the Palm OS, Nokia OS, or Blackberry OS devices.