How to remove Nengine.dll error popup

This guide is meant to shed light on the issue of nengine.dll error popping up after Windows startup and at random as the computer is working. You will learn the reasons for this unwanted activity, the additional problems that might occur along the way if the bug is left unattended, and the effective fix applicable for this scenario.

Generally speaking, RunDLL alerts point to operating system malfunctions that might range from moderate to critical. The error messages that notify a user of problems starting nengine.dll fit somewhere in between the above severity scale values. This sort of activity going on is an annoying symptom of the presence of adware known as (flagged by AV engines as NewNextDotMe), NextLive (PUP.Optional.NextLive), or their standalone components inside the affected system. These potentially unwanted applications tend to bypass user authorization on the setup phase, thus leaving little to no chance for proper detection. When the obscure infiltration through bundling with other seemingly safe software is completed, some victims start getting bombarded by alerts like the one shown below:


These RunDLL popups occur at Windows launch or when the user attempts to execute some random application. The alert reads:

There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.

Technically, nengine.dll is a system registry value associated with an adware program. The alert above therefore indicates that the OS failed to locate it and run, while it’s still configured to start like a regular .dll file. This, in its turn, may testify to a few possible issues: the affiliated adware ( or NextLive) is still running on the PC but got misconfigured for some reason; the malicious app has been removed but some of its auxiliary components are left; or all the related corrupt objects have been eliminated but Windows is still set to launch inexistent files or processes. None of the above is good for the computer’s health, since this activity is likely to lead to unstable work of the operating system or even its crashes. Furthermore, other malicious software such as spyware or rootkits may get promoted into the machine due to this bug.

In order to evade the adverse consequences of the nengine.dll errors and the adjacent adware ( or NextLive) persevering inside a PC, it’s advised to locate and remove the malign files and registry entries without delay.

Use automatic solution to remove Nengine.dll popups

The issue of nengine.dll error messages popping up can be effectively resolved if you use trusted security software. Along with the obvious ease of such removal, other benefits include thoroughness of virus detection and elimination from all system locations it might have affected, including Windows registry. Please follow these steps:

1. Download and install nengine.dll error removal tool. Run the application and select Start Computer Scan option in order to have your computer checked for adware, viruses, Trojans, and other malicious objects.

For Windows

Download Nengine.dll remover

For Windows

2. When the scan is complete, it will return a list with results on what infections have been found. Go ahead and click Fix Threats to completely get rid of the detected items. Nengine.dll popups and the affiliated adware should now be gone from your PC.

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