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Resolving mds_stores Mac high CPU usage: A comprehensive guide

This article provides an in-depth look at the mds_stores process, its vulnerabilities, and strategies to manage its high CPU usage.

Search Marquis redirect virus removal from Mac

Here is a summary of the Search Marquis Mac browser hijack problem so that you stay alert and learn to remove the virus that’s ruining your day.

GandCrab 5.1 ransomware (.CRAB files) decryption

Learn what kind of a cyber threat the GandCrab ransomware is, how it attacks computers and how to recover .CRAB files encrypted by this sophisticated infection.

.Java ransomware: how to decrypt {}.java files

Get an effective way to restore .java extension files encrypted by the latest variant of the CrySiS ransomware and remove the perpetrating program for good.

Remove Amonetize adware from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Messages from antivirus software alerting users on PUP.Optional.Amonetize infection should be taken seriously as they indicate a critical adware issue.

Remove Chimera Ransomware virus and restore files

Get rid of all components of the Chimera Ransomware virus and learn a workaround to recover encrypted data without having to pay the ransom to the criminals.

Remove Playthru Player in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Compared to the possible unwanted effects, Playthru Player app’s benefits appear insignificant, therefore it’s best to uninstall it in case issues occur.

Remove PieSearch virus in Chrome, Firefox and IE

If the homepage and default search in web browsers suddenly become configured to return, this points to a malware problem that must be fixed.

Remove DNS Unlocker Ads virus in Chrome, Firefox and IE

The article is intended for the users who are struggling to get rid of irritating Ads by DNS Unlocker, which are displayed on virtually every visited web page.

Remove DNS Keeper malware and ads in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Ads by DNS-Keeper begin to fill up web pages on a PC that got attacked by a piece of adware, therefore they won’t vanish unless a removal procedure is applied.