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Remove Shopping Assistant pop up from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Sections of ads brought by Shopping Assistant disrupt web page view and indicate PC contamination with adware, so some system cleaning is recommended.

Remove CinemaP 1.9 virus from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Ads powered by CinemaP point out to adware infection running in a computer, which is a good reason to implement security measures and remove the malicious app.

Remove redirect in Chrome, Firefox and IE

The post encompasses comprehensive tips to get rid of the virus that redirects new browser tabs to unwanted pages via domain.

Remove Shopperz virus from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

In addition to extreme annoyance, users who caught the Shopperz adware run the risk of privacy violation, therefore the app should be removed immediately.

Remove virus in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

PC users who found themselves in the predicament of browser hijack loop should get rid of the infection by sticking to these recommendations.

How to uninstall iQIYI video ads from Windows PC

Study this guide and follow the steps to uninstall Chinese application called iQIYI, which disrupts computer performance and displays frustrating video ads.

Remove Maximum Maker ads from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

The caveats pertaining to the effects of Maximum Maker virus on a PC should be taken care of without delay, so follow these steps to get the removal job done.

Remove Disable Margin adware from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Following the steps listed in this article will guarantee a fix for the Disable Margin ads problem, which is caused by a malicious program running on the PC.

Remove malware in Chrome, Firefox and IE

The hijacker called stirs up trouble with its victims’ web browsing, so it needs to be urgently removed for the sake of system stability.

Remove High Stairs ads from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

If some ad on the Internet says it’s brought by High Stairs, this denotes a security problem with the PC the site is visited form, hence a fix is mandatory.